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My Sibling Getting Married

**** YAY!!! My sister is getting married !!! " ****

Now I wonder what kind of a wedding they'll have.  I'll be displeased if they go to a judge.  So unromantic!
I hope they have a Thai wedding but that'll require drums, cymbals and banana trees.

I don't even know how to tell my parents...


Congratulations from me!!!

I'm so happy. My sister loves him SOOOOO much!!!!

This means I'll have to go up to NorCal a 5th time this year :P
whoa, awesome. Congrats to your sister! :D
It is amazing!

My dad cried. He kept saying, "I can't believe someone is marrying the MONKEY." :: sobs ::
congrats :D I hope they have a non-judge wedding too, as I would love to see pictures of a traditional Thai dress!
I don't even know how to tell my parents...

I was worrying but now they got this great news, didn't they :)


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