Friends Only Post

Making a friends only post to get a survey from single Asian American females.

Feel free to private message me with anecdotes, advice etc.

I'm a bit sad and need some advice from folks with a common background.

Since I don't have very many LJ friends you are more than welcome to get an opinion from your friends and pass that advice along to me.

Today I will step out of the apartment to go to a networking meeting and get advice on polishing the resume and meet professionals and rub elbows with those young new grads :: sigh :: weeps :: (T_T)

Yay I love public transportation. A 17 mile trip will take like AN HOUR or more...

Love you all---will catch up later.

How lovely...

It always takes nearly a lifetime for these disclosures to come out.

Look at the years 1946-48.  So basically the US was copying what the NAZIS and Japanese were doing to their unfortunate victims in terms of human experimentation.  I wonder what is being "studied" RIGHT NOW which will never be publicly disclosed.

U.S. apologizes for syphilis experiment in Guatemala

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States apologized on Friday for an experiment conducted in the 1940s in which U.S. government medical researchers deliberately infected Guatemalan prison inmates with syphilis.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and other top officials issued a statement about the experiment, which echoed the infamous 1960s Tuskegee study in which black American men were deliberately left untreated for syphilis.

"The sexually transmitted disease inoculation study conducted from 1946-1948 in Guatemala was clearly unethical," the statement reads.

Being unemployed is very boring because you can't do anything enjoyable without feeling guilty.  I've vacuumed the tiny apartment now three times this week.

I've turned on the TV to provide some "background" noise as I go online and fill out forms and : WOW : nothing but noise indeed!
TV is 100% advertisement.  Even talk shows are veiled ads for a star's movie, book and diet plan.  I did see Rachel Ray prepare an easy chicken recipe though.

I did not enjoy this week's heat wave and neither did Cat.

On a different note...
My sister has suggested this bridesmaid outfit for me :

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Purposefully "ghetto" vid of my mom making pad thai...the way she slams the spatula with the knife makes her seem angry. 
But she's not.  She's being silly.  Next time I'll make a vid of her preparing green curry while wearing a moo-moo and shower cap....

We use fresh noodles which makes the stir fry slightly more sticky than if you used dried out and re-hydrated noodles which is what restaurants use for the sake of convenience. 

My sponsored trip to San Francisco from 9/10-9/14 after I was laid off from my *wonderful* job. 
:: Blows Kiss:: to my kind and generous host.
I walked around for MILES AND MILES on Monday 9/13 and made a vid.

Gave this flower garland (Thai: puang malai) to my sister for her engagement.  She also sent me a pic of her bling bling ring but I won't post because it's SO HUGE AND SHINY AND PERFECT you'll be blinded by its sheer radiance and unearthly beauty --- atleast that's what she told me...  :P

My Sibling Getting Married

**** YAY!!! My sister is getting married !!! " ****

Now I wonder what kind of a wedding they'll have.  I'll be displeased if they go to a judge.  So unromantic!
I hope they have a Thai wedding but that'll require drums, cymbals and banana trees.

I don't even know how to tell my parents...

XTRANORMAL & Still running around...

I have sooo many pics to upload over at but haven't had the time. I still haven't caught up with all your blogs but endeavor to do so this evening.

I've been disappointed with a plotting related project and so to clear my head I decided to make a mini-work area in my room using a $27 fold up table I purchased at Target.

In my previous post I typed "(not writing...)" but I meant to explain it was a plotting project where I wouldn't type out every detail but just outlined the story in detail and wouldn't even have to use complete sentences (^_^). I didn't want to go into details because everyone involved just had wonderful things happen in their lives and it makes sense for them to pursue those paths rather than hangout with a noob like me.

What motivated me to setup a mini-office is this entire time I take my laptop outside to type by the pool. Initially, I thought not having the internet on the laptop would be a good way to help me maintain my focus but sometimes it is more convenient to have an online dictionary and other resources handy.

I was completely EXHAUSTED Friday night after handling 29+ transactions at work and had to close out other people's transactions (-_-). In a sane world we could actually STANDARDIZE some matters and make the process almost like a grocery store checkout but many people in the entertainment industry cannot even grasp basic directions and this is what gets me: If I ask a simple question like "what is the name on your order?" I get a blank stare. This is what I deal with day in and day out...

I created an XTRANORMAL vid based on the creepy mannequin dream I posted as a "friends only" entry. Last night, I saw one friend and another man, a complete stranger, both wearing a tangerine orange prison overalls. I was about to order some food at a street cafe and both men greeted me and apologized for being late! I'm sure I didn't invite either of them. I was happy to see my friend but the presence of the stranger made it hard for me to say anything. We were sitting by a muddy river containing an albino dolphin dragging a small empty boat.

These dreams make me avoid fantasy movies which are far less entertaining to me.

Khun Chaay Cat decided to headbutt my forehead causing me to wake up. It's ridiculously how he enjoys slamming his skull against my face!

Some of my friends will probably laugh and think to themselves, "Ah, T dreaming of men now that's ~new!" What is new is everyone was properly dressed XD

Notes on XTRANORMAL. The wait between previews made editing a bit annoying. One of my complaints is the characters speak way too fast. I made a typo in the script so Cocoa says "subconscience" instead of "subconscious" but you can hardly detect the difference.

Sunday already...

Haven't even had time to update my "fun" blog over at ...

I split up my goal of a 4 mile walk per week over two days and I think the extra oxygen in my brain will be helpful.

Tonight I'm working on a mini-project in a different field (not writing fiction/non-fiction).

Music for me: Pictures at an Exhibition
Version 1:

I'll be checking up on everyone soon. Hope you are all doing well.

I'm learning to hate SUNDAY nights more than MONDAY MORNING (-_-)