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Updates at 1MagicTurtle.com

Logo by Tohlee

Purposefully "ghetto" vid of my mom making pad thai...the way she slams the spatula with the knife makes her seem angry. 
But she's not.  She's being silly.  Next time I'll make a vid of her preparing green curry while wearing a moo-moo and shower cap....

We use fresh noodles which makes the stir fry slightly more sticky than if you used dried out and re-hydrated noodles which is what restaurants use for the sake of convenience. 

My sponsored trip to San Francisco from 9/10-9/14 after I was laid off from my *wonderful* job. 
:: Blows Kiss:: to my kind and generous host.
I walked around for MILES AND MILES on Monday 9/13 and made a vid. 

Gave this flower garland (Thai: puang malai) to my sister for her engagement.  She also sent me a pic of her bling bling ring but I won't post because it's SO HUGE AND SHINY AND PERFECT you'll be blinded by its sheer radiance and unearthly beauty --- atleast that's what she told me...  :P